HeartBeats for Seniors - Beyond Bingo!
The HEARTBEATS  program focuses on maintaining health and having a GREAT time. It is perfect for nursing homes, assisted living facilities or retirement communities looking for a very different recreational activity for its residents. Countless elderly persons who have participated in group drumming activities report that they feel elated and enlivened after drumming. HEARTBEATS provides all of the professional level drums and percussive instruments and introduces basic drumming techniques to ensure each participant can feel confident and be part of the group right from the start!
The group will be “guided to improvise” with pattern suggestions and lively call and response exercises as members develop their drumming and percussive skills and create songs and rhythms together. This will result in a positive bonding experience for the group which, in turn, helps to produce a supportive and more relaxed atmosphere.
Hands that Heal… Yours!
We all feel better after drumming. In addition to being FUN, playing drums and percussion improves muscle coordination and brain activity. It is therapeutic, cathartic and stress relieving. Clinical research supports the overall health benefits of drumming and has also demonstrated that group drumming has had positive effects on patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, as well as other degenerative conditions.
Physicians are finding that patients with Alzheimer's who drum can connect better with loved ones. Researchers have also discovered that hearing slow, steady rhythms, such as drumbeats, helps Parkinson's patients move more steadily.
Program Costs - 2019
DHE will provide all professional level drums and percussive instruments for 2-25 participants. One to two facilitators will introduce interesting drums and percussive instruments, review basic drumming and percussive techniques and guide the group to create their own unique rhythms and songs. Everybody in the group will have a chance to be the BANDLEADER. Move over Lawrence Welk!
 In New Jersey
HEARTBEATS Program - from $150
Outside New Jersey
HEARTBEATS  Program - from $175
The HEARTBEATS program can be customized to work within your budget and your number of participants! Discounts are available for multiple program bookings! This includes multiple bookings on same day or sharing the day with a nearby facility. 
Call 732-580-3027 or email deweycorvair@yahoo.com
for details and to book your event!
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